Intercultural Communities of Practice

In 2012, the Division of Inclusion and Equity launched a new program called "Intercultural Communities of Practice" (ICoP). This program consists of several dialogue groups with participants from different cultural backgrounds and world views who meet once a month. Led by a facilitator, the goals of each ICoP are (1) to help participants develop a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and practices, (2) to increase engagement and the freedom and ability to make choices, (3) to continue to foster equality at GVSU, and (4) to further enhance creative processes in supporting an inclusive campus.

While the intercultural training workshops continue to provide important foundational education and intercultural skill building, the ICoP provides faculty and staff with the opportunity to continue the discussion beyond the workshops.

If you are interested in joining an ICoP, please call (616) 331-2672 or via email at