LIB 100/201 Approval Form for Co-Curricular Designation

Thank you for your interest in having your event approved for LIB 100 and/or LIB 201. There are two classes you can receive approval for. Program Proposals must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the proposed program. Please note, our office no longer requires you to complete/submit evaluation forms. Any evaluation you choose to do will be for your records only.

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LIB 100 Goals

LIB 100 is a course that examines the nature of liberal education, and the ways in which education can help students become empowered members of society. The co-curricular component of the LIB 100 course at GVSU is intended to promote integration of ideas from the course with events happening on our campus and issues in our larger world. Events applying for LIB 100 approval must fit with one or more of the following categories:
  1. Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World: Events in this category engage with issues of cultural awareness, or human understanding of the world in which we live from various disciplinary perspectives (including the humanities and sciences)
  2. Social Justice & Human Rights: Events that increase awareness of ethical issues, problems, or injustices in today's world.
  3. Philosophy & Literature: Events that focus on enduring problems, questions, or ideas related to the human experience, from philosophical or literary perspectives.
  4. Community Engagement / Service Learning: Events in this category are those that give students the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of any of the previous categories, through active engagement with or service to the community.

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LIB 201 Goals

LIB 201 explores how race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, and physical abilities combine to affect various cultural groups in the United States. The co-curricular component requires students to participate in GVSU events that will expand their knowledge of multiple communities and intersect with our course content. Events applying for LIB 201 approval must fit with one or more of the following categories:
  1. Activism: Participation in an event organized to advance social justice. This may include any examination of a current or historical example of social activism, such as the civil rights movement. These struggles can be global in scope and has a range of engagement that shows how individuals and communities take action to further their ideals.
  2. Diverse Communities: Members from a range of racial, ethnic, national, class, gendered, disabled, sexually orientated, aged, religious, or experience based (i.e. veterans) minority communities.
  3. Identities: Members of above groups, and how the institutions around us (such as criminal justice, education, families, employment, housing, housing, religion, political allegiance) shape our experiences. This includes how we express ourselves in our intersectional identities.
  4. Oppression/Discrimination: Violations of basic human rights; prejudice that persecutes and harms members of minority communities. This includes power relationships between groups, and how and systematic abuses have operated historically and today.

Program Learning Objectives

In order to better identify how your program aligns with LIB 100 and / or LIB 201, please submit between 1-3 learning objectives that describe the intended learning outcomes for the program participants. While having more objectives is not always necessary, it often provides more useful information on which to evaluate your program.

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