BPS Core Events

  • Student, Alumni/ Networking  Mixer -  September 10th, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Alumni House. This will be an opportunity for current students to network with alumni who have been through many of the same academic programs. Where are they now? How did they get there? What advice would they recommend? It’s a great way to learn from others and expand your network as the year gets underway. Food and drinks will be served. RSVP is required.


  • Mentors and Career Opportunities Workshop – September 22, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Kirkhof Center, Room 2266. A common question that students ask is, “What do I do with my major? What opportunities exist for me?” There are several different ways to go about searching and learning, and, more importantly, people who can help along the way. This session will help students develop an understanding of opportunities that are out there and how to effectively utilize those who are willing to help. RSVP is required.


  • Passion Mining Workshop – September 25, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Kirkhof Center, Room 2266. This session will guide students through the process of “Passion Mining,” a way of exploring and evaluating things that “drive” students the most. Often, students don’t take enough time to reflect on and engage in a thorough understanding of what they really want out of their personal and professional lives. This process allows students to do so and will leave them with tools and steps to take to move forward confident of who they are and where they can go from here. RSVP is required.


  • Site Visit to the MDEQ in Lansing – October 17, 9:30am-1:00pm. This visit will allow students to learn about the internship/career opportunities at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Each year, they have many wonderful, project-based internship opportunities. What’s it like to work for a state organization? How does their work affect different areas in Michigan? What opportunities exist in the areas of Sustainability, Management, Health Sciences, and others? Lunch and transportation included.  RSVP is Required.


  • Open Mic Night – October 29, 6:00pm-7:30pm, Kirkhof Center, Area 51Students put professionals on the spot! Have an opportunity  to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to know. This program will allow for authentic conversation about what different industries/professions are like, what it takes to be successful, and what you really need to get there. We encourage students/professionals alike to be candid and open as we engage in a highly interactive evening of learning. RSVP Required.


  • Site Visit to the Grand Rapids Community Foundation – November 7, 9:30am-1:00pm, Foundation office in downtown GRThis visit will provide students with the opportunity to learn about the Community Foundation and all of the work they are doing to make GR a wonderful place to be. The organization itself plays many roles, from community engagement to development/financing. Students’ will be able to interact with a variety of individuals in the organization, and better understanding how the public/private sectors work together. Transportation and lunch included. RSVP Required.