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i. Check the GVSU Campus Calendar and look for LIB 100 Designated Events

ii. Check the Meijer Campus website for upcoming events.

iii. Check your local community calendars such as Holland Sentinel, WZZM, WOODTV

iv. Check Herrick District Library

v. Check Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony Community Calendar


General Co-Curricular Ideas :

  1. Peruse local government website for possible groups/events (.gov)
  2. Peruse local college/university website for events calendar
  3. Different Faith Church Services (explore on web/call)
  4. Attend a weekly group meeting (various support groups, with their approval)


Co-Curricular Event Options/Ideas:

a. Peruse GV Main Events Page.

b. Urban Institute of Contemporary Art.

c. Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance.

d. West Michigan Refugee Education and Cultural Center.

e. Muskegon County Museum of African American History in Muskegon, MI

f. Calvin College Events.

g. Aquinas Events.

h. Bethany Christian Services: Refugee Healing Center for Torture and Trauma.

i. Lutheran Social Services.

j. Knickerbocker Theatre (Holland).

k. Holland Events Calendar

l. Hope College Events

J. Dennos Museum Center



Meijer Campus in Holland

holland campus