Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

"What I like best about Grand Valley are the people here. Everybody is very supportive and they want you to succeed in life, and that is a great feeling having such a family behind you." - Shane O'Donohue, biomedical sciences and psychology double major See more



GVSU Men's Basketball hosts Purdue University, North Central

GVSU Men's Basketball hosts Purdue... University, North Central

Tomorrow, 1pm
GVSU Men's Basketball teams hosts rival Purdue University, North Central at 1pm in the Fieldhouse Main Arena.
Boom Box Diva Radio Show

Boom Box Diva Radio Show

Sunday, 6pm - 8pm
Listen and learn about current campus events happening around Grand Valley campus! Engage in discussion with hot topics and entertainment news! Feel free to call in during the show 616-331-2875 Follow on social media too! IG : @boomboxdiva Twitter: @boomboxdiva Facebook: @boomboxdiva


Students win Ford video contest, producing national ad

Students win Ford video contest, producing... national ad

Seven School of Communications students will continue working with Ford to produce a national video advertisement... set for nationwide release in February.
Grant creates civic engagement pilot project

Grant creates civic engagement pilot project

Students who attend Grand Valley, Aquinas College and Grand Rapids Community College will have more community-based... learning opportunities through a pilot project funded by the Grand Rapids Community Foundation.
Study reveals spread of invasive species in Great Lakes

Study reveals spread of invasive species... in Great Lakes

Researchers from Grand Valleys Annis Water Resources Institute have found invasive faucet snails in many new... locations throughout the Great Lakes basin over a three-year period. The snails carry parasites that are deadly to native waterfowl, including ducks and coots.