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The Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons is the intellectual heart of Grand Valley. The LEED certified building is recognized as a model for 21st century learning, improving the present and shaping the future of libraries. See more

Mary Idema Pew Library


Paya Lliklla, Las Tejedoras de Chari, Perú:  Reweaving Traditions in the 21st Century

Paya Lliklla, Las Tejedoras de... Chari, Perú: Reweaving Traditions in the 21st Century

Today, 8am - 5pm
In the Andean mountain village of Chari, Peru, a weaving cooperative of indigenous women are changing the structure of their lives. The weavers who make up Paya Lliklla utilize handicraft skills to fabricate woven trade goods marketed to clients well outside their local boundaries. Weaving...
Sustainable Agriculture Project Volunteer Hours - LIB100 Approved!

Sustainable Agriculture Project... Volunteer Hours - LIB100 Approved!

Today, 12pm - 5pm
Join us for open volunteer hours at the GVSU Sustainable Agriculture Project. Our drop in hours for the summer are as follows: Monday 12-5pm Tuesday 4-8pm Thursday 9am-12pm Friday 12-5pm
A Woman Abroad: Artistic Adventures in Cold War Morocco

A Woman Abroad: Artistic Adventures... in Cold War Morocco

Tomorrow, 7am - 7pm
Inspired by her grandfather, Mathias J. Alten’s visit to Morocco in 1912, Grand Rapidian, Anita M. Gilleo embraced the opportunity to live and work in Casablanca during the early 1950s. While working for the Army Corp of Engineers at Nouasseur Air Base, Gilleo collected the sights and...


Korean delegation visits Grand Valley

Korean delegation visits Grand Valley

A delegation of representatives from the Beautiful Foundation in Korea visited Grand Valley June 22 to learn about... nonprofit services and philanthropy at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy and the School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration.
Haas: university committed to Latino student success

Haas: university committed to Latino student... success

President Thomas J. Haas wrote a guest column for MLive about Grand Valley's commitment to students of color,... and why he joined a national effort to advocate for increased higher education access for Latino students, and support them with resources and services.
Allendale Community Field Day promotes outdoor education

Allendale Community Field Day promotes outdoor... education

The June 18 event paired Grand Valley faculty with the Allendale community for day of hands-on learning activities.