Making an Impact

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From our alumni base to private/public partnerships to our graduates who fill the needs of local and regional business, Lakers are a critical part of the West Michigan community. See more

Making an Impact


Unarmed Stage Combat Workshop

Unarmed Stage Combat Workshop

Today, 11am - 5:30pm
This intensive workshop will enable students to develop and improve a variety of skills essential to performing safe and dramatically effective techniques of unarmed staged violence used in theatre, film and television. As a specialized form of actor/movement work, this workshop will help...
Promoting Academic Integrity in Your Classroom

Promoting Academic Integrity in... Your Classroom

Today, 12pm - 2pm
Discussion Facilitators: Aaron Haight, Dean of Students Office Mary O’Kelly, University Libraries Christine Rener, Pew FTLC Concerned about academic integrity? Come learn about preventative strategies that can reduce incidents of academic integrity violations. We will share concrete...
Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business

Today, 1pm - 3pm
No matter your level, entrepreneurship is about risk. The most effective entrepreneurs understand how to reduce and understand their risk through information, specifically market research. But how does an entrepreneur actually do research in terms of their industry, customers, and competition?...


Johnson Center appoints new CRI director, associate director

Johnson Center appoints new CRI director,... associate director

Grand Valley's Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy has appointed a new director of the center's Community... Research Institute and a new associate director.
GVSU will host Health Forum of West Michigan event

GVSU will host Health Forum of West Michigan event

The next Health Forum of West Michigan event will continue conversations from April about the integration of of... medical and behavioral health.
Freshman Academy students recognize outstanding faculty, staff

Freshman Academy students recognize outstanding... faculty, staff

Students in the Oliver Wilson Freshman Academy recognized outstanding faculty and staff members at the academy's... banquet.