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Work in Progress: Sketches and Studies by Mathias J. Alten

Work in Progress: Sketches and... Studies by Mathias J. Alten

Tomorrow, 7am - 7pm
It is rare in the artistic process for a finished work to flow fully realized from a painter’s imagination directly on to the canvas. More often it is a case of trial and error, extended contemplation, and several discarded attempts. Looking at preliminary sketches can serve as an interesting...
Paya Lliklla, Las Tejedoras de Chari, Perú:  Reweaving Traditions in the 21st Century

Paya Lliklla, Las Tejedoras de... Chari, Perú: Reweaving Traditions in the 21st Century

Tomorrow, 8am - 5pm
In the Andean mountain village of Chari, Peru, a weaving cooperative of indigenous women are changing the structure of their lives. The weavers who make up Paya Lliklla utilize handicraft skills to fabricate woven trade goods marketed to clients well outside their local boundaries. Weaving...
Open enrollment for Summer Camps going on now

Open enrollment for Summer Camps... going on now

Tomorrow, 9am
We have two Summer Camps that we are offering for preschool age and school age camps for preschool ages 2.5-5.5 and school age children 5.5 to 12 year olds starting on June 13th until August 19th. We are offering 5 vacation days to families and there is a sibling discount. Please call...


Saxophone quartets teach, perform for thousands of students

Saxophone quartets teach, perform for thousands... of students

Three student saxophone quartets performed for about 2,400 young musicians at 18 schools around Michigan in April... and May.
Engineering alumnae will start doctorate programs this fall

Engineering alumnae will start doctorate... programs this fall

A group of women in engineering will take what they learned at Grand Valley to develop research at doctorate programs... across the U.S.
Alumna named Michigan Teacher of the Year

Alumna named Michigan Teacher of the Year

Tracy Horodyski has been named the 2016-17 Michigan Teacher of the Year.