Division of Inclusion and Equity

Reported Bias Incident Summary

Date: June 10, 2013

Reported Biased Incidents Summary

Winter Semester 2013


There were 8 biased incidents reported to the Dean of Students Office during the winter semester 2013.  All eight incidents occurred on the Allendale campus.  Two incidents were reported in housing areas, 2 incidents in academic buildings, 2 incidents in the Kirkhof Center, and 2 incidents in the fieldhouse.  Reports included 2 incidents regarding sexual orientation, 3 incidents regarding race, 2 incidents regarding ethnicity, and 1 incident regarding disability.  Four incidents involved anonymous written or oral comments, and 4 incidents involved comments made by individuals.  All reported incidents were investigated and appropriate follow-up actions were taken with individuals identified as making biased comments and support was provided to victim(s) and/or the reporting individuals.

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