Division of Inclusion and Equity

Reported Bias Incidents Summary

Date: January 16, 2014

Reported Biased Incidents Summary
Fall Semester 2013
There were 12 biased incidents reported to the Dean of Students Office during the fall semester 2013.  Eleven incidents occurred on the Allendale campus.  One incident occurred on the Pew campus. Six incidents occurred in academic buildings. Two incidents occurred in the fieldhouse/rec center. Four incidents occurred in living centers..  Reports included 6 incidents regarding sexual orientation, 3 incidents regarding ethnicity/race, 1 incident regarding religion, 2 incidents regarding gender, and 1 incident regarding mental health.  Ten incidents involved written or oral comments and 2 incidents involved behavior.  All reported incidents were investigated and appropriate follow-up actions were taken with individuals identified as making biased comments and support was provided to victim(s) and/or the reporting individuals. 

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