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Inclusion Advocate/Champion Program

Please Note:

The Division of Inclusion and Equity will convene an Inclusion Advocates Review Task Force this fall to discuss potential enhancements and changes to program requirements.  As such, we are unable to schedule the orientation or IHR workshops for the fall semester as previously planned.   Please accept our apologies for the delay this will cause to those working towards the Inclusion Advocate certification.  Please see the list of Inclusion Advocates to consider for participation in your hiring committee.  This page will be updated when the Inclusion Advocate/Champion program is available and dates for the workshops here at GVSU have been determined.

We recognize the vital role Inclusion Advocates fulfill in creating a campus environment that values differences across many dimensions of diversity. We value the contributions of the Inclusion Advocates who have pioneered this effort and laid the foundation for inclusion. With important feedback from faculty and staff across the university, the Inclusion Advocate Program has been revised. We invite you to participate in our new Inclusion Advocate Program.

The substantive changes to the program include: a formal registration process, an enhanced orientation, pre-requisite training, on-going support, required biannual meetings, recognition for service, and an annual evaluation process. In addition, the new program has been designed to offer two levels of participation: an Inclusion Advocate, who serves on candidate search committees with specific responsibilities, and an Inclusion Champion, who makes a professional commitment to broadly support an inclusive hiring and retention process. To read more, click here.