Intercultural Festival

GVSU Diversity Resources

There are a number of resources available to GVSU students, staff, and faculty falling under the umbrella of diversity. This year, the Diversity Directory was compiled to bring together all of the many departments, offices, student organizations, and individuals who share a common quest to foster interculturalism, inclusion, acceptance, and understanding.


The Diversity Directory can be found at:


The following offices, also found in the Diversity Directory, are prepared to give guidance and support to any individual regarding intercultural issues:


Counseling Center                               331-3266

            Dean of Students                                 331-3585

            LGBT Resource Center                       331-2530

            Graduate Studies                                 331-7105

            Housing and Residence Life                331-2120

            Human Resources                               331-2215

            Office of Multicultural Affairs            331-2177

            Pew Campus Security                          331-6677

            Public Safety (Allendale)                     331-3255

            Pew Campus Student Services            331-7220

            Women’s Center                                  331-2748

Page last modified January 17, 2014