Email Newsletters

Many departments at Grand Valley are taking advantage of the convenience, cost-savings, and timeliness of electronic newsletters using gvsu.createsend.com/. The cost for each CreateSend campaign is $5 + 1 cent per recipient. This cost is still significantly less than production and distribution of a printed piece and is the actual cost the university pays for the service.

Please factor in this cost when planning your annual budgets in the future. For more information about email newsletters, contact Kelley Rogers in Institutional Marketing at rogerkel@gvsu.edu.

Fax Cover Sheets

Use this template for fax cover sheets: GVSU Fax Cover Sheet Template

Letterhead and Forms

GVSU letterheads, envelopes, business cards, and forms can be ordered online through the Copy Center.


Use this template for memos: GVSU Memo Template


Please use our templates to the right to create consistent, professional PowerPoint presentations that support and leverage Grand Valley’s brand and image.

If you need additional photography for your PowerPoint presentation, please visit University Communications for details.

Print Newsletters

Because of prioritization of resources and time, Institutional Marketing does not create department newsletters, though we are happy to recommend outside designers who you may work with if you choose.

All of the rules in this identity standards website apply to department newsletters, and we will be happy to review your first issue prior to printing to make sure it is in compliance.

Call Institutional Marketing at (616) 331-2525.