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Recommendations for sustainable specification and purchasing

Recommendations for Sustainable Specification and Purchasing


Institutional Marketing recommends purchasing paper stock that has several of the following attributes:

    1.   Domestically manufactured paper for bulk white stock

    2.   a. Paper certified from sustainable forests. Look for FSC (Forest Stewardship
              Council) or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative). OR/AND --

          b. Paper containing a postconsumer fiber content with a minimum of 10%.

Additional environmental attributes to look for:

  • Emissions-free renewable energy used in manufacturing of the paper or carbon neutral paper
  • Elemental chlorine-free (ECF) or process chlorine-free
  • Uncoated papers (coated papers yield much less recyclable fiber)
  • Alternative fiber paper
  • Carbon neutral paper
  • Paper from mills that have received third party certifications such as Green-e, Green Seal
  • Aqueous coating instead of varnish and vegetable-based or low VOC inks


Use local printers with FSC or SFI certification.

Use the Re-Nourish calculator to help calculate best use of a sheet size:


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