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Planning a printed piece

Institutional Marketing provides quality communications solutions for university departments. Student organizations should contact the Promotions Office. Because we provide an exceptional level of expertise at no charge, our services are often in high demand. Thus, while we make every effort to accommodate all projects, we occasionally cannot meet a desired deadline due to previously scheduled projects.

We then make every effort to use our vendor relationships and resources to meet your needs and still oversee the project from start to finish using those resources.

Typically, you should allow an eight-week time frame for the production of a typical brochure, from the initial editing of text through delivery from a print vendor. For more complex projects, the time may be longer. Contact an Institutional Marketing Project Manager at (616) 331-2525 for an estimate on a specific project.

Approval process

All new university communications materials should be sent to Institutional Marketing for review before they are printed.

Email a PDF of your piece to identity@gvsu.edu or fax a hard copy to (616) 331-2285. Please allow at least 24 hours to receive feedback.

FSC statement

Grand Valley's commitment to sustainability plays an important role in its choice of printing vendors and papers. Contact Jackie Cuppy, Institutional Marketing Creative Services Manager, at (616) 331-2525 for information about FSC-certified printers and paper.


Page last modified June 2, 2014