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Can I create a logo?

Below are some questions and answers that will help you understand why creating a logo is prohibited. Please also see the Logo Dos and Don'ts for reference.

Can I create a logo?

Creating a logo is prohibited. You may request a university approved combination logo for your college, school, center, or department from Institutional Marketing by calling (616) 331-2525 or emailing identity@gvsu.edu.

Combination logos consist of the Grand Valley logo with the unit’s name included under the logotype.

Here are examples:

Department Logo Samples

What is considered a logo?

A logo is a symbol or mark intended to be instantly recognizable by the public as associated with a particular organization, service, or product. Grand Valley’s logo consists of the “Circle G” (logomark) and the words “Grand Valley State University” (logotype). The only acceptable variations are logos for specific colleges, schools, centers, or departments that are created by Institutional Marketing. See Using and Downloading a Logo for further details and examples.

How does the Grand Valley logo enhance the university's brand?

A brand is the perception or feeling about a product, service, experience, or organization.

Grand Valley's logo supports the university's brand by serving as a consistent and established visual element.

How can multiple brands within Grand Valley be detrimental to the university?

Grand Valley State University is our core brand. Considering that every college, division, program, and unit that exists at the university does so because of Grand Valley, there is only one logo that brands all of us, and that is Grand Valley State University. Non-core-brand logos, meaning anything other than the official university logos, are not acceptable in university communications.

Multiple brands compete with one another, waste financial and human resources, deliver conflicting messages, and confuse our audiences.

It is important for Grand Valley departments, programs, organizations, events, etc. to align with the established Grand Valley brand. By consistently doing so, the core brand is extended and strengthened, and all university departments, programs, colleges, etc. gain brand equity in stakeholders' minds.

If I can't create a logo, what can I do to stand out visually?

You can create your own visual identity that both aligns with the Grand Valley brand and highlights your unique role in the university.

A visual identity collectively uses consistent text, content, images, color, format, texture, and pattern to represent an organization's messages and services.

Please see design samples for reference.


Please contact Institutional Marketing for assistance.

Phone: (616) 331-2525  Email: identity@gvsu.edu

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