Logo / Identity Guide

In order to enhance the image and visibility of Grand Valley State University, clear, consistent messages need to be communicated with the university's audiences. This website will provide assistance to successfully convey Grand Valley’s image by supporting its mission, vision, values, and strategic goals, including:

The identity standards are expected to be followed by all those who create or disseminate materials or messages in print or electronically that represent the university’s image and brand, including:

  • Departmental communications representatives
  • Faculty and staff
  • Office coordinators
  • Outside graphic designers
  • Printers and other vendors
  • Student organizations
  • Promotions Office

Why Use Standards?

Being a positive ambassador for Grand Valley helps the university succeed. As a faculty member, staff member, alumnus, student, or vendor your commitment to the integrated marketing initiative is critical. By knowing, understanding, and sharing our messages consistently in all of your personal and professional communications, you help enhance the image and visibility of Grand Valley State University.

You also will have a better personal understanding of the university and its mission, which will enrich your relationship with the university and give you a greater sense of pride and ownership in its continued success.

For Grand Valley’s strategic positioning statement visit www.gvsu.edu/strategicplanning/.


Page last modified October 1, 2013