Foundations of Online/Hybrid Course Development

About Foundations

In this series, we will discuss the basics for developing a course with the online or hybrid designation. Designed to provide a starting point and to meet the requirements stated in the faculty handbook, we will orient you with resources and tools to begin your planning process with a foundation of quality standards. Offered throughout the year in different formats, participation in all components of the series is required.

2013-2014 Sessions (currently scheduled)

Spring 2014

Session 1 May 9, 9am - 12pm(in seat; Downtown TBA)
Session 2 May 9 - May 23(online)
Session 3 May 23, 9am - 12pm(in seat; Downtown TBA)


As we will not engage in hands-on technology training during this workshop, participants are expected to have a basic competency with computer usage and Blackboard. Please use the following as a guide and alert the facilitator if you do not meet these competencies so we can plan accordingly.

Your competencies should include:

Basic computer skills Blackboard skills
  • Sending and receiving attachments via email
  • Downloading software and/or documents
  • Experience/familiarity with different file formats, especially Rich Text Format (.rtf), Microsoft Word Document (.doc or .docx), and Text document (.txt)
  • Familiarity with using plug-ins (e.g. PDF reader, flash)
  • Making your course available
  • Posting an announcement
  • Posting faculty/contact information
  • Creating, adding, and organizing content in folders
  • Adding, removing, or editing content item
  • Adding external links
  • Creating a discussion board forum
  • Emailing from Blackboard
  • Identifying or working with your library liaison

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Foundations Schedule

Session 1: in-seat meeting

  1. Overview
  2. Set the foundation for online/hybrid course design and delivery
  3. Use established quality standards in the process for conceptualizing a full course

Session 2: online (two weeks)

Please expect to engage with online materials and the discussion board. This is an opportunity to "be a student" and gain some insight from that perspective.

  1. Necessary additions to a syllabus for an online/hybrid course
  2. Assessment strategies and alternative assessments
  3. Individualized Units of Content
  4. Introduction to Accessibility

Session 3: in-seat meeting

This session will include hands-on computer access in a lab.

  1. Outline and begin to develop Content unit
  2. Additional Practical Examples
  3. Resources and follow-up advice
  4. Optional extended time for light hands-on assistance

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