Faculty Testimonials

What can IDeL do for you?

Faculty members Justin Pettibone, Scott Truskowski, Marcia Frobish, Diane Maodush-Pitzer, and Amy Schelling reflect on how IDeL and eLearning can help faculty make the transition to online and hybrid instruction.

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Dr. Amy Schelling

Amy Schelling from the College of Education talks about her use of Blackboard's wiki tool.

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Dr. Rosemary Cleveland

An affiliate instructor for the Graduate Teacher Certification Program, Dr. Cleveland discusses the use of Weebly for creating student portfolios.

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Susan Laninga

Prof. Laninga discusses how she uses Glogster with her Elementary Social Studies students.

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Pam Page

A faculty member in the Literary Studies program, Prof. Page discusses the website GoodReads.

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Hybrid/Online Instruction @ GVSU

In this video interview, you will hear from several faculty in the GVSU Math Department on their personal experience with developing and teaching online/hybrid courses at GVSU.

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Flipped Instruction @ GVSU

Many instructors are experimenting with the idea of flipped classroom model. The flipped classroom model delivers instruction online outside of the classroom and moves homework into the classroom, thereby allowing a different level of engagement to take place with course content. In this interview, you will hear from several faculty in the GVSU Math Department on their personal experience with flipped instruction.

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Dr. Michael Stearns

Dr. Michael Sterns is an Assistant Professor in the Educational Leadership program in the College of Education. He teaches in both the Masters and Educational Specialist degree programs.; he also serves as a program coordinator for the Education Specialist degree program. Mike agreed to answer a few questions about his experience in integrating technology into his teaching.

Hear Michael talk about how he uses technology.

Marcia Frobish

Prof. Frobish is a member of the Department of Mathematics, director of the Mathematics Tutoring Center, and an avid baseball fan. She and other math faculty have been turning some of their basic math classes into hybrid courses.

Hear Marcia talk about what IDeL has done for her.

Yalonda Ross-Davis

Prof. Ross-Davis teaches in the Seidman College of Business. She has attended several IDeL workshops and has worked with IDeL staff to improve the quality of presentations that her students give in class.

Hear Yalonda talk about her experiences with IDeL.

Recommendations from your Colleagues

Listed below are book or website recommendations from GVSU faculty members. You might find just what you're looking for in these sources! Hopefully, this list will continue to grow, so please check back often. If you have a resource that you'd like to recommend, please email Matthew Roberts so he can add it to the list.


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What's Your Story?

Have you recently made a change in how you use technology in your teaching? Got a story to tell about instructional technology? Drop us a note and your story could appear right here on this page!

How Can We Help You?

The IDeL team provides a variety of services that you can take advantage of as a GVSU faculty member.

One-on-One Consultation

We love to meet with faculty on an individual basis. Whether it's advice on best practices, a tune-up of your Blackboard site, or discussion about how to align your assessments with your learning objectives—we're happy to sit down and talk. We even make house calls.

Technology Teaching Circles

Sometimes the best way to learn is with your friends. We've had lots of success working with small groups of faculty within a department. You choose the topic and the schedule. Most circles meet once a month and cover a variety of topics, from technology "show-and-tell" to discussions in how to teach with technology.

University Workshops

Along with the Information Technology department, each year we offer a series of training workshops open to the University community as a whole. While workshops are offered throughout the year, we offer a larger selection during May.

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