Tech Symposium 2017 with Thomas Tobin

Each March, Grand Valley's Teaching & Learning with Technology Symposium provides an opportunity for faculty to showcase how they're putting technology to use in their teaching. Faculty and staff from across the university gather for this afternoon of fun, food, and presentations. Symposiums also include a keynote speech from leading figures in the field of instructional technology.

This year's Symposium will be held Wednesday March 22 at the downtown Pew campus and will feature a keynote by Thomas Tobin, Coordinator for Learning Technologies at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Northeastern Illinois University. Dr. Tobin's keynote is titled "Universal Design for Learning: Way Beyond Disabilities."

If you are interested in presenting, we are now accepting proposals for the 2016-2017 Teaching & Learning with Technology Symposium. Proposals are due by February 17, 2017.

Happy New Year!

It's a new calendar year and a new semester here at Grand Valley. Make a resolution to take a look at the wide range of training workshops that we're offering to help improve your knowledge, skills, and comfort with the use of technology.

Can't fit a workshop into your schedule? We would be more than happy to plan a special training event right inside your department. For more information and workshop options, please visit our Workshops on Demand page.

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Szymon Machajewski
Blackboard Exemplary Course Winner

Congratulations go out to Szymon Machajewski, an affiliate faculty member in the School of Computing & Information Systems. who won a Blackboard Catalyst Award for his course "Introduction to Telecommunications." Machajewski previously received a 2011 Blackboard Catalyst Award for Innovative Development.

Julia VanderMolen
Blackboard Exemplary Course Winner

The IDeL team would like to extend congratulations to Julia VanderMolen. An assistant professor in Allied Health Sciences, Dr. VanderMolen was recently awarded a Blackboard Exemplary Course Award for her Issues in Health Professions course. This award builds on her existing reputation for excellence—she was previously given a Blackboard Exemplary Course Award in 2012.

How Do I Start?

Are you interested in teaching a hybrid or an online course? To learn more about the process involved in proposing courses and being certified to teach online, please visit the Faculty Resources for Online Education page. To learn how to become an approved online or hybrid instructor, please visit the webpage for our Foundations workshop.

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Our goal is to develop confident and competent faculty, prepared to teach in blended and fully online learning environments, who are able to integrate technology in a way that is learner-centered and pedagogically sound.

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