Nomination - Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be nominated/who can nominate?
Anyone can nominate students. All Grand Valley students, undergraduate or graduate, are eligible.

Can faculty or staff members be nominated?
The I am Grand Valley leadership recognition campaign is for students only.  Faculty and staff can be recognized through other award processes on campus such as the Provost's faculty awards and the AP Awards.

Is there a limit to how many students you can nominate?
Each nominator is limited to nominating up to ten student leaders.Nominators are encouraged to compose a meaningful description for each nomination. Nominators must fill out a new form for each student they are nominating. 
Note that nominated students must respond to an email sent out in early December to RSVP for the reception that takes place on January 27th, 2016

How are nominated students recognized?

Students are recognized throughout the semester on "I am Grand Valley" days, and will be recognized with an "I am Grand Valley" t-shirt and personalized certificate at the I am Grand Valley Leadership Reception.  Note that nominated students will receive an email to notify them of their nomination and then in December will be asked to fill out a form to accept their nomination in order to be officially listed as a recipient.  



Page last modified February 29, 2016