Please review the nomination helpful tips and the information below.  Nominate HERE!

Who can be nominated? 
As a student leadership recognition campaign, both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for I am Grand Valley, as long as they are enrolled in the Fall and Winter semesters of the school year they are nominated. A valid email address of the nominee is required. (Example: A student must be enrolled in Fall '16 and Winter '17 classes to be nominated in Fall '16 and recognized at the Leadership Reception in January 2017).  Only the first 1,000 students to respond (RSVP) will receive a t-shirt.

Can faculty or staff members be nominated?
No - The I am Grand Valley leadership recognition campaign is for students only. Faculty and staff can be recognized through other award processes on campus such as the Provost's faculty awards and the AP Awards.

Greg and LeaAnn

Is there a limit to how many students you can nominate?
Yes - Each nominator may recognize up to a maximum of 10 students, in the hope that nominators will recognize leaders who have really stepped up and shown great leadership.

Can I nominate myself?
No – Self nominations are not accepted.

What does the nomination process entail?
Nominators are required to log into the Orgsync system to access the form (faculty, staff or students who wish to nominate that have not created a profile for Orgsync will need to do this prior to nominating- however, please note that it is a simple process).  Nominators are required to use the email address of their nominee and compose a meaningful description for each nomination. Please review the helpful tips for information on this.  Nominators must fill out a new form for each student they are nominating (two or more students cannot be nominated in the same form).  Note that nominated students must fill out the response form in December in order to receive their materials.

Can a student be nominated more than once?
Yes – More than one nominator may recognize an individual student.  If the student fills out the response form, they will receive a personalized certificate for each nomination they received, but are only eligible to receive one t-shirt. 

What if my nominee does not attend classes or reside near the Allendale campus?
Students who attend class at any of the GVSU campuses are eligible to receive recognition through I am Grand Valley, however only one reception is held on the Allendale campus. Students who are unable to attend the reception in Allendale should still fill out the response form if they would like their personalized certificate and t-shirt.  In January, students can contact to make arrangements to pick up their certificate and t-shirt at the GVSU campus that they attend.

Page last modified June 29, 2017