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What is "I am Grand Valley"?

"I am Grand Valley" is a leadership recognition program for GVSU students. The program recognizes student leaders who are the essential elements of the University community, including student employees, leaders in student organizations, resident assistants, students that excel in the classroom, and so on. Every year, students, faculty and staff are asked to nominate students who they feel display and utilize strong leadership skills that contribute to the campus and beyond.

What else does the campaign entail?

In January, there will be a "We are Grand Valley" calendar of leadership related events open to all students as part of Campus Leadership Week. If you have an event that you would like included in during Campus Leadership Week campaign, please e-mail

How are nominated students recognized?

Students will be recognized with an "I am Grand Valley" shirt and certificate in January at the I am Grand Valley Leadership Reception. Note that nominated students will receive an email to notify them of their nomination and then in December will be asked to fill out a form to accept their nomination in order to be officially listed as a recipient.

What if my nominee does not attend classes or reside near the Allendale campus?

Students who attend class at any of the GVSU campuses are eligible to receive recognition through I am Grand Valley, however only one reception is held on the Allendale campus. Students who are unable to attend the reception in Allendale should respond to the invitation (which they will receive from the OSL leadership team). Students can contact the I am Grand Valley Student Assistant to make arrangements to pick up their certificate and t-shirt at the GVSU campus that they attend.

What if I missed the deadline to pick up my "I am Grand Valley" materials?

If you RSVP'd, your materials are available for pick up in the Office of Student Life until the end of January. Arrangements to pick them up can be made with However after January 31st t-shirts and certificates will no longer be available as the office cannot store them for an extended period of time.

Is this an event I should invite my family to?

The Leadership Reception is a casual, open-house style event for students to stop by pick up their certificate and t-shirt, mingle, and enjoy refreshments. This past year we received over 1,900 nominations all students who respond to their nomination received the award; please note it is a non-competitive award at GVSU. It is not recommended to invite family members to this event, as students do not receive individual recognition at the event, due to the volume of recipients.

Who can be nominated/who can nominate?

Anyone can nominate students. All Grand Valley students, undergraduate or graduate, are eligible as long as they are enrolled in the Fall and Winter semesters of the school year they are nominated. (Example: A student must be enrolled in Fall '14 and Winter '15 classes to be nominated in Fall '14 and recognized at the Leadership Reception in January 2015). 

Can faculty or staff members be nominated?

The I am Grand Valley leadership recognition campaign is for students only. Faculty and staff can be recognized through other award processes on campus such as the Provost's faculty awards and the AP Awards.

Is there a limit to how many students you can nominate?

There is no limit to the number of students an individual can nominate. Nominators are encouraged to compose a meaningful description for each nomination. Nominators must fill out a new form for each student they are nominating. Note that nominated students must respond to the automated email sent out in early December to RSVP for the reception. Only the first 1,000 students to RSVP to the reception will be accepted.