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The GVSU American Humanics certification program is open to all undergraduates and to all majors. It is part of and in addition to any other degree that a GVSU student may pursue.

To enroll in the program, a student must complete an interview with the American Humanics Director and register in the national American Humanics online profile system.

Meet American Humanics certification competency requirements through 18-credit curriculum:

Competency/Coursework American Humanics members are required to take three courses that explain the fundamentals of the nonprofit sector:
  • PA 270 Public Administration
  • PA 335 Grantwriting
  • PA 360 Voluntarism & Nonprofits

Students must also select two additional courses that teach one or more of the American Humanics competency areas. These competency areas include:

  • Fundraising principles and practices
  • Budgeting
  • Human resource development
  • Board development
  • Volunteer management
  • Program planning and evaluation
  • Public relations and marketing
  • Accounting
  • Risk management

Baccalaureate Degree

Students must earn their Baccalaureate Degree. This degree can be earned in any field of study.


Each AH student is responsible for volunteering at least four times each academic year. Two of the volunteer events must be American Humanics sponsored.

Professional Development / AHMI

Each student is responsible for attending the American Humanics Management Institute during their junior or senior year in order to be eligible for certification. Students are encouraged to continuously seek out professional development opportunities to ensure that they receive experience in all AH competency areas.


Each student must complete 300 hours or more of internships, taking PA 490 or 491 Internships. This can be completed at one site or split in to two-150 hour internships. At least half of the hours must be completed at a non-profit organization.
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