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American Humanics
The American Humanics Program at Grand Valley State University prepares students and community members for professional positions in non-profit and community-based organizations.

Founded in 1948, American Humanics is a national alliance of colleges, universities and nonprofit organizations devoted to preparing college students for careers in nonprofit and human service organizations. Grand Valley State University is one of over 75 campus affiliates offering an American Humanics certificate in nonprofit management.

Grand Valley State University's AH program is linked with the curriculum and competencies of American Humanics, Inc. (AH), a national organization that collaborates with affiliated college and university programs, professional organizations, and nonprofit agencies. AH affiliates work to educate, prepare, and certify professionals who can strengthen and lead nonprofit organizations. Students earning an AH Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership simultaneously earn national professional certification from American Humanics, Inc.

Participation in the Nonprofit Administration Program builds on and enhances students' chosen major course of study and provides the tools to achieve success in the field of nonprofit management. This interdisciplinary program is open to students of all majors and to community members.

Students pursuing American Humanics certification become prepared to enter the nonprofit field in professional roles by becoming proficient in 14 competency areas.  Many students go on to fulfilling and successful careers in the nonprofit field, while other students become certified in leadership roles in their community.

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