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What do students like about the HTM program at GVSU?

  1. Small class sizes (largest HTM class is approximately 40 students, the mean size is 25).

  2. Faculty with industry background (we make a point of only hiring faculty who have both the academic credentials and prior industry experience).

  3. An applied teaching philosophy (making sense of the theory to practice which is crucial in a professional major such as HTM).

  4. Flexibility in their academic plans (we will work one-on-one with students to customize a part of their HTM education to suit their individual career goals).

  5. Welcoming culture (all faculty are approachable and prioritize teaching and student development).

  6. Sound business underpinning to the curriculum (our students only have to take two extra classes (six credits) in the Business School to obtain a business minor).

  7. Three levels of academic and pastoral support. (Students work with an academic advisor, a faculty mentor and our internship coordinator to complement their classroom studies with sound practical internships).

  8. Study abroad opportunities to Italy and Jamaica. We also have a number of international faculty (English first language) who bring a different perspective to the world of HTM.

  9. A strong, professional relationship with faculty (faculty are engaged in student-led events, our active HTM clubs and often seek to take students to professional conferences).

  10. The HTM department treats each student as an individual (not just a number) and works to make their education experience the best it can possibly be for you and your career goals.

Other related activities include class trips to vineyards, food production operations, hotel and convention center tours, faculty-led experiences such as attending the Munising Ice Festival, and other events. For example, the department has sponsored a number of students to accompany Professor Rood to the Resort and Commercial Recreation Association (RCRA) conference (sponsorship included covering their flights, accommodation, conference fees, etc.). All these activities are designed to embrace our 'applied teaching and learning philosophy'.

This is just a sample of the many activities one can engage in. We encourage student participation as a way of enhancing educational development.

Please explore our website at for more examples and news on student involvement in these types of projects.

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