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The Benjamin Mutnick Mettle Award

It is with great honor that I receive and accept the Benjamin Mutnick “Mettle” Award.  For my recent past being one of trials and tribulations, there have been endless amounts of support as I continue to finish my education.  I am a new graduate of GVSU and completing my final course credits this summer.  As a Hospitality and Tourism Management Major, with an emphasis in Event Management, I am honored to have been chosen for this opportunity.  My future is one with bright hopes of getting my foot in the corporate events door for long-term success.  Earning this award has only brought me steps closer to achieving this and encourages me to help others by giving back to the community.  To encompass the ability to remain motivated through critical challenges of life is what I fully hope to obtain one day.  Through meeting Professor Mutnick’s family and receiving this award in his tribute is a privilege I will always hold dear.


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