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Translation Services

Foreign language translation and cultural competency attestation services

In research studies where it is reasonable to expect some potential participants may not be fluent in English either verbally or in writing, translations of consent forms and other research related information into the participants' native language may be required for approval by the HRRC.

Translation services are not available through the GVSU Department of Modern Languages and Literature. However, attestations of limited translated documents as linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate are available for Spanish, French and Arabic by some faculty members and /or advanced students. There may be a small fee for this service to be negotiated individually. Requesters must be GVSU faculty/staff or student researchers. Due to faculty workload constraints, only brief non-medical, non-technical descriptions will be verified as linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate translations

For lengthy translations or those with medical/technical verbiage, please consult local commercial translation services. Web based translations are not considered to be highly reliable, but you may begin there and then seek independent verification of the translated documents through MLL. Please contact Dr. Anne Caillaud, MLL Department chair 331-3371 | for more information.

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The Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence may consider providing grant funding for services provided by MLL individuals. For further information please inquire via email at