The Application Submission Process

Please follow the indicated steps below to submit a new research study to the HRRC for further review and approval. Please note that all research involving human subjects performed at GVSU and/or by GVSU students, staff, and/or faculty must be reviewed and approved by the HRRC prior to the beginning of the research.

Your Turn

STEP 1 - Register with IRBNet

IRBNet is a file sharing platform that enables researchers at GVSU to upload their proposal and all supporting documents and make them available to fellow researchers, their Authorized Official (AO), and the HRRC.  

For first time users, please follow the guide below to register with IRBNet:

IRBNet User Guide

IRBNet Link

Access IRBNet by clicking the image above. 

Student writing

STEP 2 - Write your Research Proposal

Use the blank application form that applies to your research. Answer each required question as fully as possible, or indicate that additional materials will be attached as separate documents. 

Attention! Due to their interactive format, PDF applications cannot be viewed by your browser; you have to download the files and use Adobe Acrobat (or a comparable PDF reader) to open, edit, and save them them. (Click an application link below. If there is a 'Please wait...' error message window, you need to select the 'Download', or 'Save as' option in that window.)

Upon completing your application form, keep a copy of the file for your personal record. 

For additional information regarding the different required levels of review, click one of the links below: 

Levels of Review 

Interactive Decision Making Tool

STEP 3 - Proposal Upload to IRBNet

The completed application form now has to be uploaded to IRBNet. Please login to your IRBNet profile, create a new project, and complete all required steps, as described.

Refer to section 5 of the user guide for help. 



Access IRBNet by clicking the image above. 

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STEP 4 - Protocol Authorization

Please have your AO electronically sign and authorize your study on IRBNet. The AO must be registered on IRBNet and added to your project, in order to access your study materials. The AO has to review all documents and afterwards sign off on your package as a whole. The protocol will not be reviewed by the HRRC until your AO completes this step. Please note that all participating researchers have to sign off on the protocol as well. For further explanations, refer to section 7 of the IRBNet user guide.

For more information on the AO and their responsibilities, refer to:

Authorizing Officials Responsibilities

Our Turn

STEP 5 - HRRC Review

The members of the HRRC will review all submitted material and make their decision concerning approval / denial of the research study. Find more helpful information below.

HRRC Estimated Review Times 

HRRC Meeting Schedule 


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