HRRC Meetings & Protocol Deadlines

HRRC Meetings Winter Semester 2015 (Pew Campus)
Meeting Date     Location         Time        Protocols Due (Full Board)

01/13/2015        DeVos 303-C  3-5 pm    12/30/2014

02/10/2015       DeVos 303-C   3-5 pm    01/27/2015

03/10/2015       DeVos 303-C   3-5 pm    02/24/2015

04/14/2015       DeVos 303-C   3-5 pm    03/31/2015


HRRC Meetings Spring/Summer Semester 2015 (Pew Campus)
Meeting Date    Location          Time       Protocols Due (Full Board)

05/12/2015        DeVos 303-C  3-5pm    04/28/2015

06/09/2015       DeVos 303-C   3-5pm     05/26/2015

07/14/2015      DeVos 303-C    3-5pm     06/30/2015


HRRC Meetings Fall Semester 2015 (Allendale Campus)
To Be Determined

Dates of Inactivity

Due to teaching and other obligations of its members, the HRRC observes all university holidays, and does not process applications during exam week or between academic terms.