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FAQ - HRRC Meetings


How often does the HRRC meet and who attends?

The HRRC meets as  full board monthly except in August. The HRRC procedures require a majority of regular members present for a quorum to conduct business. The quorum for a full board HRRC meeting is seven (7) members. At least one committee member present must be a non-scientist.



What happens at an HRRC meeting?

At every regular meeting the HRRC's primary business is the review for approval all research protocols requiring full board review as specified by the Federal Regulations under 45 CFR 46. The board also conducts regular business pertaining to its educational functions and its policy and procedural operations.



Should investigators be present, when the Board discusses their protocol?

If your protocol requires full-board review, you will receive written notification of the meeting date, time, and location. The principal investigator (and faculty advisor if the PI is a student) are routinely invited to be present to discuss the research with the board, but are not required to do so unless explicitly directed by the HRRC chair. Investigators are present only when their protocol is being discussed and the principal focus is assuring compliance with federal regulations and HRRC policies for protecting human subjects' rights, interests and welfare. Investigators may not be present when the Board votes on approval of the protocol. Written notification of the Board's decision is usually available within four business days following the HRRC meeting.