**Submission Guide**

ALL Protocols MUST be submitted online via IRBNet.

 Need to know how to submit a research study (called a protocol)?  This page is the right place to start!

1st step: Learn about the federal regulations and relevant ethics standards. The simplest place to begin is CITI web based training (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, Miami, FL). This free, learner-led on-line training program offers more than two dozen modules related to human subjects research and protections. CITI Training. The HRRC recommends that when you have completed training, print the completion certificate and include it with your protocol submission form as evidence of your familiarity with the legal and ethical standards for human subjects research protections.

2nd step: Submit your study via IRBNet (IRBNet Information).  If you have not used IRBNet in the past, you will need to register first.  You will also need to determine what level of review your study will fall under.   Determining Level of Review

3rd step: Get authorization to conduct the research study from your unit head (if a faculty member) or from your faculty advisor if a student.
Note: Your authorizing official must also be registered on IRBNet to electronically approve your study.  Please inform them of this to ensure they will be able to approve your study.

*Note: All protocols also must be approved by the Human Research Review Committee before research activities can begin. This includes all exempt protocols.

You will find answers to commonly asked questions in the FAQ Section.

Page last modified August 16, 2010