Human Resources

Training & Development OLD

Leadership Development for Faculty and Administrative Staff
  • The 'Journey to Professional Excellence' Series
    The goal of the series is to assist individual Faculty and AP Staff members to meet leadership, professional and development goals as we work toward professional excellence.  A complete course list for the Excellence Series is available by clicking on the 'Journey to Professional Excellence' Series link above.
  • Administrative Professional Staff Leadership Resources
    The purpose of these modules is to give leaders an opportunity to learn how to use the GVSU management processes and tools currently in place.  The focus will be on planning and budgeting, using the AP Handbook and Hourly Staff Contracts.  Time will also be spent learning how to conduct development and performance reviews, and to deal with employee performance issues.  Networking and relationship management will also be covered.  The intent is to build consistency within the leadership team.

Development and Training for Clerical, Office & Technical Staff

  • The COT Development Committee & Upcoming Workshops
    The COT Development Committee provides workshops that will assist in many training and learning opportunities to enhance professional development.  The workshops consist of two different types:  Technical (i.e. Spreadsheets, Access, Powerpoint, SIS Training, Specialized Departmental Training) and Non-Technical (i.e. Conflict Management, Interpersonal Communication, Cultural Diversity).  The committee also mentors new COT Staff members by being a source of information and another campus contact.  This link displays the committee's mission, members, helpful links for mentees, and the upcoming workshops.

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