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Kim Monaghan

Kim Monaghan

Kim Monaghan
Career Consultant

During times of workplace conflict, I can help you look at the big picture and develop an action plan. First, well assess the dispute from all perspectives, including your perceptions and role. Then well address interpersonal strategies that may help diffuse conflict and promote productive communication. Next well consider how things might improve. Since change begins with you, well look at options and approaches that will have a positive impact on your performance. Finally, well consider transition. If you visualize your career heading in a new direction, I will help you strategize a plan to reach your objectives.

I believe work-life balance is imperative in developing an engaging and sustainable career. As a professionally trained career, executive, and life coach I help professionals reframe personal and professional challenges, set goals for performance improvement and craft strategies for realizing their career potential. Our work together is confidential and my approach is unbiased and impartial. Though I am an onsite contractor for GVSU, I am vested in the long term success of the university and respect its collaborative culture.


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