Human Resources

How to Calculate Salary Continuation

This provides you with a way to approximate a salary continuation balance.

**These guidelines assume the staff member has available Salary Continuation. (Staff with 1 or more years of service receives 20 days and staff with 6 months of service receives 1 non-cumulative day per month).           

  1. Open the calendar in ultra time
  2. Locate the most recent 5 full consecutive work days; this mean the salary continuation balance has restored to the 20 days/160 hrs
  3. Add up the hours of salary continuation used
  4. Subtract the hours of salary continuation used from the 20 day/160hr balance
  5. The remaining number of hours is the salary continuation balance
  6.  The balance will continue to be reduced by the number of salary continuation hours used
  7. When 5 full consecutive days have actually been worked the balance will restore to 20 days/160 hours

Page last modified September 7, 2011