Human Resources

Title: Telecommunications Specialist - Project Manager
Classification: E2
Department: Telecommunications/Telephone Business Office

Job Summary:
The Telecommunications Specialist has primary project management responsibility for the installation, repair, and preventive maintenance of the University telecommunication systems (data, telephone, networks, video, fiber). The position is responsible for writing specifications for bidding, implementation of installations, and monitoring vendor compliance.

Primary Duties & Global Responsibilities: (Must be able to perform these duties; usually consist of more than 5% of your job.)

  • Assists professional staff, outside technicians and contractor/vendors with system planning, project management, installation and implementation, trouble shooting, and problem resolution related to the university telephone systems.
  • Assists professional staff in preparing project specifications, implementation and final performance check out.
  • Provide backup support on distance learning systems; trouble shoots and effects repair directly or calls in vendor support for T1, fiber, PBX, and data networks.
  • Is responsible for special setups such as registration events and other special telephone, data, or video networks.

Secondary Duties & Responsibilities: (Must be able to perform these duties; usually consist of less than 5% of your job.)

  • Assembles and installs voice and data network components and other communications equipment connecting units with inside and outside service wires. Checks installed equipment for proper operation.
  • Installs and repairs communication wiring/cables, splices cables, waterproofs cables, and similar duties. Performance of these duties may require working in tunnels or on ladders.
  • Operates computer assisted design equipment in support of data networks.
  • Specifies, trains for and monitors the use of test equipment.
  • Provides technical assistance to users to determine system needs and cost.
  • Designs/maintains the cable plant for new data/telephone/video networks.
  • As certain equipment malfunctions using industry approved testing procedures, locates and diagnoses the nature of defect, and repairs malfunctions.
  • Maintains communication/fiber optic equipment and parts inventory/records; requisitions parts and equipment according to procedures.
  • Install, repair, and maintain PC¿s, data and voice equipment used in a network configuration between campuses and remote locations.
  • Document work performed. Maintain accurate records of software and appropriate hardware settings, stating equipment location and features, as-built drawings of all telecommunication systems, and system cable records.
  • Supervise installations, repairs and maintenance of video projection equipment used in classrooms.
  • Responsible for maintaining skill level and knowledge of developments within the field by participation in training opportunities, studying manuals, and reading journals and technical publications.
  • Performs duties characteristic of lower and/or similarly classified technicians/engineers.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Telecommunications Manager.
    Supervise student workers as needed.

Minimum Required Qualifications:

  • Associates degree in electronics or data communications. BS or BA degree preferred.
  • Substantial experience in a comprehensive data installation and repair facility running local and metropolitan area networks.
  • Experience coordinating and prioritizing work assignments and maintaining work flow to meet deadlines.
  • Working knowledge of electricity and electronics and sophisticated electronic testing equipment.
  • Working knowledge of personal computers.
  • Ability to read and interpret complex electronic equipment schematics.
  • Ability to deal harmoniously with vendor/contractors in implementing various projects.
  • Ability to physically perform the duties of the job such as lifting equipment, laying wires in tunnels, etc.
  • Ability to maintain a satisfactory work performance and attendance record.

Desired Qualifications: (Preferred in addition to required qualifications.)

  • Substantial experience in construction of wire plant for voice, data and fiber.
  • Experience in telephone line, trunk circuits and basic telephony principals.
  • Experience in basic video and audio technology.
  • Familiar with principles of compressed video distance learning systems.
  • Experience in PC, printer and related equipment diagnostics and repair.

Supervision Received: (Who provides supervision?)
The person is expected to function independently. Work is subject to minimal review with results determining acceptable performance. The person is expected to serve as an authority in this specific technical area.

Supervision Exercised: (Whom do you supervise?)
Provides direction to other COT staff in Telecommunications; also supervises students.

Revised Date: September 1997 For questions regarding employment, email Human Resources Employment Information. TDD Callers: Call Michigan Relay Center 1-800-649-3777.