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PSS Reclassification Request Procedure

PSS Reclassification Request Procedure

  • The following PSS Reclassification Request Procedure has been copied from the 10/1/2008 - 9/30-2011 PSS Contract.  The current contract may have updated language and the current contract language will supercede any prior contracts.  Please refer to the most current contract to verify language.  You can get to the current contract here: 
    PSS Reclassification Request Procedure (See Professional Support Staff Contract, section 10.4)

10.4. Classification Review

Grand Valley State University and GVSU PSS/APPS (Alliance of Professional Support Staff) shall jointly determine the review assessment survey instrument to be used at Grand Valley State University.

The parties shall maintain a Joint Review Committee, composed of three members appointed by the Human Resources Office and three members appointed by the Association.

Bargaining unit members questioning the assigned classification of their position may do so by using the following procedure:

A. Meet with the Employment Manager in the Human Resources Office to discuss the review process and to discuss changes in their job responsibilities, duties and any other questions they may have. An Association Joint Review Committee or Assessment Team member may be present for this discussion at their discretion. A meeting will then be scheduled for the PSS staff member to fill out the survey instrument.

B. The survey instrument will be jointly administered by the Assessment Team (consisting of the Employment Manager and an Association member of the Joint Review Committee). If the Assessment Team believes a job site visit is warranted as a result of the survey information, they will schedule a time for a joint visit.

C. The completed survey instrument shall be coded. The survey results shall be returned to the Joint Review Committee for review and adjustment, if necessary. The survey results, as determined by the Committee, shall be shared with the survey participant.

D. After receiving the survey results, the survey participant, if he/she so chooses, shall have the opportunity to meet with the Joint Review Committee for additional input and appeal. Any additional information shall be reviewed by the Committee, and where the Committee feels it is necessary, the survey will be recoded, in a manner mutually agreeable.

E. The Joint Review Committee shall then deliberate as to the merit of the upgrade requested by the participant. If the Committee is not able to reach a consensus, the University will decide on the classification. The Association may appeal that decision through the arbitration procedure of the collective bargaining agreement.

The Joint Review Committee shall meet as needed when a PSS staff member requests a job analysis be performed. PSS staff members may engage in the review process no more than once per year.

Supervisors questioning the assigned classification of a staff member's position shall provide supporting rationale, complete an assessment survey instrument and discuss with Manager of Employment. The Manager of Employment shall notify Association Representative that a Supervisor is reviewing a staff member's classification. The Union will be provided with the scored instrument and any supporting rationale.


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