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Human Resources

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Administrative Professional Staff Leadership Resources

The purpose of these modules is to give leaders an opportunity to learn how to use the GVSU management processes and tools currently in place. The focus will be on planning and budgeting, using the AP Handbook and Hourly Staff Contracts. Time will also be spent learning how to conduct development and performance reviews, and how to deal with employee performance issues. Networking and relationship management will also be covered. The intent is to build consistency within the leadership team.

Management Learning modules which focus on Leadership:

  • Leadership Orientation - To give leaders an opportunity to engage Executive team members in a dialogue about the GVSU Vision, Mission, and Goals.
    Resources: Interpersonal Skills
  • Planning and Budgeting - To provide leaders with tools and techniques used to plan the departmental workload and execute the budgeting process.
    Resources: Administrative Skills
  • Motivation and Productivity - To provide leaders with the tools and techniques used to inspire worthy performance.
    Resources: Motivation and Productivity
  • Staff Selection and Development- To provide leaders with the tools and techniques used to select the best candidates for job openings.
    Resources: Employment

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