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Services and Amenities

Network Connectivity, Computing, and Telephone

Each resident has access to the Internet in their housing unit. There are also email kiosks located throughout campus, and two large computer labs on-campus which are available for student use. Should a student choose to bring a computer to campus, they are encouraged to run anti-virus software prior to arrival.  For additional information, click HERE to visit the IT page on Internet Access. 

For wireless connection issues, email gvsuwireless@gvsu.edu. Include GVSU email address, locations (s), date and time(s), and a detailed description of the problem. GVSU Tech Support will respond via email. 

All students who are residing on campus may obtain free Virus Protection for their wired computers.  Click here for details.

Each housing unit (with the exception of South C/D/E) also includes local phone service as part of the room and board fees. Students must plug in their own landline phone for this service to work properly. Long distance service is not offered, but can be accessed with a personal phone card. As an alternative, students could use a personal cell phone. All students are encouraged to bring a landline phone to campus and hook it up for local use, as this is the primary contact number between students and the university.


Cable Television

Digital cable TV service is included in the room rate for all campus housing. To take advantage of the digital channels, a TV with a QAM tuner and a coaxial cable is needed. Most HD and digital TVs manufactured after 2006 include this tuner. To verify a QAM tuner to the TV you bring to campus, please check the TV's owner manual or manufacturer's website. Click HERE for full Channel Line-Up

Note: Since we began preparations for the conversion to digital cable, we anticiapted providing converter boxes (QAM tuners) to students who did not have televisions that were digital ready. Given updated information we have today, we will be unable to provide the necessary QAM tuner for residents. 

Our vendor provided us with specs on the model they tested and would work with their digital TV solution, but that conveter box/QAM tuner model is no longer being manufactured. As a result, we have decided not to provide used converter boxes for student use as quality control could be problematic.

If you will be bringing a television to campus, please be advised that you must have a digital-ready television in order to access the university provided cable service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have additional questions or wish to obtain the converter/QAM tuner information in order to puchase one (on Ebay, etc.), please contact the Housing office at 616-331-2120.  

TV Set-Up and Scanning Channels

When you first hook up your television set to the campus cable system, you will need to set your TV to scan for channels. The procedure vaires depending on make and model of the TV, so refer to the owner's manual for specific instructions. You may be asked to select from "Antenna" or "Broadcast" or "Cable". If this is the case, please select "Cable". General steps:

1. Press the "Menu" button on your TV remote

2. Go to "Installation" or "System" or "Channels"

3. Go to "Scan Channels", "Program Channels", "Autoscan", "Autoprogram" or "Autotuning"

4. Press "Select", "Enter", or "OK" to scan

While the television scan is in process, do not press any buttons on the remote until it is complete. This may take a number of minutes. 

Cable Questions/Problems

If you are experiencing problems with your cable television, please consider the following FIRST

  • Have you successsfully set up your television and scanned for channels?
  • Have you checked your cables for proper connectivity?
  • Are the cords and cables plugged in to the correct locations?

If the problem truly is an issue with a Charter signal (not one of the items listed above), please call the Charter Toll-Free Support (24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) at 1-800-314-7195. You will need to tell them you are part of Account: Grand Valley State University- Video

You should NOT be calling Charter for questions on reprogramming your television or requesting a converter box. 


Student ID Information

During the summer orientation program, first-year students are issued a Grand Valley State University Identification Card. This card has the student's picture and G-number on the front. The back has a magnetic strip and meal plan bar code. The student will use this ID card for their entire time spent at the University.

This card is also used for the following:

  • To check out library books
  • Admission to the Recreation Center
  • ID for University bus service (The RAPID)
  • ID for check cashing on-campus

Should a student need a replacement card they are asked to visit the cashier windows on the first floor of the Student Services Building in Allendale. There is a minimal replacement fee.


Laundry Services

Each living center has a laundry room with multiple washers and dryers. The washers and dryers are operated by swipe cards, separate from the GVSU ID Card. Students no longer need quarters to operate the machines, however, they must provide their own detergent, softener, etc.

If a laundry card is lost, students must purchase their own from a VTM machine and load it with funds. Laundry cards are recycled, and students turn them in at the end of the year. If no laundry card is returned, the student will be charged $25 to his or her student account. For safety and security, it is suggested that students stay with their laundry until completion. 

For broken machines, students should call 1-800-342-5932 to report an issue. Visit the Wash Laundry website for more information or to  download the service app for both Apple & Android devices. 



During check-in, each student in the first-year living centers are issued a brass key that will allow them access to their unit’s door and to the mailbox for their unit. Each student will also be issued a swipe card that will allow them access to the front door of their respective building.

Should a student lose or damage either key they should report this to their hall staff immediately so that a loaner key can be issued and new keys ordered. Students are billed for both via their student account.




Office of Housing & Residence Life • 103 Student Services Building • Allendale MI 49401-9403
Phone (616) 331-2120 • housing@gvsu.edu