Healthy Vending

Healthy Vending

H.U.M.A.N. (Helping Unite Man and Nutrition) is a healthier alternative to traditional vending machines. Vending only the finest in natural, healthy, and organic foods, Vavin Vending (owned and operated by GVSU Alums Aaron and Heather Hubner) hopes to be the regions preferred healthy vending solution. The company is founded on healthy living, energy efficient and sustainable machines, as well as the best possible assortment of healthy snack and drink options.

Our Machines: Energy Efficient H.U.M.A.N. vending machines are the most state of the art vending machines in the U.S. In keeping consistent with organic health and sustainability, the machines all have LED lighting to conserve energy and digital LCD screens that display our products. Our Products: Only the Best Vavin Vending proudly offers over 1,000 healthy snack and drink options. We can tailor the product mix to each individual location. Vavin Vending does on-site taste testing, monitor's customer preference weekly, and has developed a simple customer survey to ensure the right products go into our machines.

What We Stand For: Healthy Living The desire to improve the health and well-being of our community one snack at a time was born through years of watching our two children grow and develop. We quickly learned that proper nutrition during snack time was just as important as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Like many of you, we encountered vending machines filled with snacks with little nutritional value. That is why every product carried by Vavin Vending is reviewed for nutritional content, we will never carry a product that we would not feed to our children.

On-campus Locations

  • Kistler
  • Niemeyer (East/West)
  • Mackinac

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