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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When/how does my student apply for first year student housing? Back to top.

Once a student is admitted to the university, they are eligible to apply for on-campus housing. Students requesting housing must complete their application by May 1 of their senior year in high school in order to be guaranteed a residential space. Students are assigned to a living area on a first come, first serve basis. Students may make/edit a roommate request until May 1. Students may sign up online at www.gvsu.edu/housing.

2. If my student changes their mind, how do they cancel their application prior to arrival? Back to top.

Should a student choose to cancel their application, they must do so in writing either by email to housing@gvsu.edu, or via U.S. mail at Housing and Residence Life, 103 Student Services Building, Allendale, Michigan 49401. The student should include their name, student G-number, the semesters they are wishing to cancel, and reason for canceling. Cancellations must be received by May 1 prior to the start of fall semester for a full refund of the $150 deposit.

3. What furniture is provided in first year student rooms? Back to top.

All first year student's rooms are carpeted, and include a bed with safety rail (twin extra-long mattress), three-drawer dresser, bookshelf, desk, organizer, desk chair, and wardrobe. All furniture is moveable and may be rearranged by roommates, based on their needs. No new construction of lofts is permitted, but a student may loft furniture with existing pieces.

4. How much should my student budget for living on campus? Back to top.

Housing rates vary based on the style of living area where a student is placed. Rates are available HERE.

5. Do these costs reflect the charges for a meal plan? Back to top.

Yes, all first year students housing costs reflect the cost of a full meal plan. This allows them 14 meals each week and $275 debit dollars each semester. Specific dining information is available at www.gvsu.edu/campusdine.

6. What payment deadlines should my student be aware of for housing? Back to top.

Semester housing payments are due in full prior to the beginning of each semester. Students may request the Deferment Plan which allows them to pay semester housing charges in four monthly installments. There is a $40.00 nonrefundable fee to utilize the payment plan each semester.

7. If my student runs out of money on their meal card, how can they add more? Back to top.

Should a student choose to add more money to their dining plan, they can do this in person at the Campus Dining Office in room 100 Commons Building, or online at www.gvsu.edu/campusdine.

8. Are laundry machines available on campus? Back to top.

For the 2012-13 academic year, each residential student will receive a prepaid laundry card for use in the washer/dryers, and laundry usage will be included in room costs. Fees will be attached only if a student loses their card, or if they exceed the amount of prepaid cycles.

9. When will my student find out their room assignment? Back to top.

First year students are notified of their room assignment in mid June via the email address they have listed in the Banner system. In order for a student to view their Banner account, they may click here. The communication will contain their mailing address, phone number, and contact information for their roommate. Students are encouraged to contact each other prior to arrival to introduce themselves and potentially discuss what supplies they plan to bring to the living area. Please note: only one refrigerator (4.6 cubic ft. max) and one microwave (1000 watt max) is permitted per room.

10. If my student does not get along with their roommate, what should they do? Back to top.

If assistance is needed regarding roommate issues, a student should contact the Assistant Director/Director of the Living Center.

11. What rules should my student be aware of to be successful living on campus? Back to top.

Residential students are issued a link for our handbook during move-in that contains all housing policies. This is reviewed during their first floor meeting.

12. If my student violates a policy will family be notified? Back to top.

Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), information regarding student discipline is not shared with family members. For more information on FERPA, click here.

13. Is housing co-ed or single gender? Back to top.

With the exception of the Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) academic theme housing community, all residential buildings are co-ed, individual rooms are single gender.

14. May my student bring a car to campus? Back to top.

Yes, students may bring a vehicle to campus. Students are required to purchase a parking permit via the Department of Public Safety at www.gvsu.edu/publicsafety/.

15. Is my student required to receive any immunizations prior to arriving to campus? Back to top.

Students are not required to have any immunizations prior to arrival. However, all students are encouraged to visit their health care provider to make personal decisions regarding immunizations and booster shots. The on-campus health center offers a full range of services for students. Charges for services may be added to their student account. Specific information regarding campus health may be obtained at www.gvsu.edu/campushealth/.

Office of Housing & Residence Life • 103 Student Services Building • Allendale MI 49401-9403
Phone (616) 331-2120 • housing@gvsu.edu