Housing Staff Employment


Jason Alt

Graduate Assistant, Kistler Living Center, 1998-1999

Graduate Assistant, Kirkpatrick & Stafford, 1999-2000

“What I really loved about working at GVSU was its simplicity. The processes and systems that [GVSU] uses are not archaic or overwhelming, rather they speak with and meet the needs of its constituents- the students.”

Jason is currently the Director of the Office of Student Life & Community Partnerships and

Chief Diversity Officer at Purchase College - State University of New York

Ann Marie Klotz

Resident Assistant, Kistler Living Center 1998-2000

Resident Assistant, Laker Village Apartments 2000-2001

“At GVSU, the lessons I learned via my student employment position as an RA opened the door to my career in Higher Education.”

Ann Marie is currently the Assistant Director, Residential Education at DePaul University

Dan Suitor

Living Center Director, Copeland Living Center, 1998-2000

“The students were awesome and I really enjoyed the friendships I made among the staff, some of whom I am still very close with today.”

Dan is currently a full-time doctoral student at the University of Kansas.

Leena Karsan

Living Center Director, Niemeyer Honors College, 2009 - present

“I really enjoy that as a professional you are given many opportunities. In my short time at GVSU, I’ve been able to travel abroad, present at regional and national conferences, serve on department/division committees, and even work in another office to gain a new perspective!”

Kristen Evans

Living Center Director, South Apartments, 2008 – present

“I appreciate the academic commitment of the students and watching them grow from both in and out of classroom liberal education learning experiences. From a staff perspective, I love the family friendly atmosphere of GVSU. From the top down, the leadership is very supportive of a work-life balance, and the opportunities I have for professional development and collaboration across campus are many!”


Ryan Jackson

Assistant Living Center Director (Graduate Assistant), 2011 - present

"I really enjoy the amount of different experiences GVSU has granted me. Whatever kind of professional development I have wanted, the GVSU staff has found a way to get me that experience. I'm only a first year graduate student, and I feel really prepared for a full time position already."


MarcQus Wright

Assistant Director of Academic & Student Support, 2009 – present

"I love working at GVSU because of the professional development opportunities. The more I can grow and develop, the more of an impact I can have on student’s lives."

MarcQus previously served as a Living Center Director from 2005-2009








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