Ghana Service Learning

This seven-week program offers students the extraordinary experience of learning about a fascinating culture through the holistic combination of the classroom, social experiences, and service-learning in Ghana, Africa. Opportunities for the service portion include outreach and rehabilitation programs for families affected by child trafficking, collaboration with Ghanaians in clean water initiatives, potential environmental studies, involvement in clinics or hospitals, or other service-learning programs.

Students begin the program at the University of Ghana in Accra by taking a week-long a social science course to learn about the Ghanaian culture, history, and non-government organizations (NGOs). They will then be immersed in Ghanaian culture in the coastal village of Winneba to begin their five-week service-learning experience. A weekend visit is scheduled to the coastal town of Cape Coast for a tour of the Slave Trade Castle, a walk on the Kakum Canopy Walkway, bartering in the lively markets, and visit the NGO Global Mamas. The last week of the trip will be at the University of Ghana where students will debrief and complete their coursework.

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