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Challenging Heights GVSU

Challenging Heights GVSU (CH: GVSU) is an Honors initiative registered as a student organization and non-profit 501(c)3.  In collaboration with Challenging Heights, based in Winneba, Ghana, CH:GVSU became the first university extension of Challenging Heights in 2012. The purpose of CH:GVSU is to raise awareness of human trafficking, educate students and the community on the Ghana service-learning program, and to raise funds for Challenging Heights. Since its inception, CH:GVSU has raised $3,468.50 for various Challenging Heights programs and sent nearly $500,000 worth of medical equipment to Ghana. CH:GVSU hosts awareness events with students, faculty, staff, and administration.  The organization is also reaching to the wider community. 

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Glenn A. Niemeyer Learning and Living Center • Allendale MI 49401
Phone 616-331-3219 • honors@gvsu.edu