HoneyBeeNet project

Data from our hive is collected every 15 minutes during the day along with minimal weather information. The is  uploaded to the cloud and disseminated.. More importantly this information will be contributed to the HoneyBeeNet project, a NASA endeavor. The main objectives in which the Apiary on the Meijer Campus in Holland aimed to partner with the HoneyBeeNet project are as follows:

  • Contribution to a baseline for tracking climate change and the impacts of land use/land cover change.
  • Demonstration of citizen-scientist role in climate impact studies.
  • Provides data for scientists to use in relating satellite observations to detailed phenological events.
  • Data are needed to relate large-scale climate and ecosystem models to local impacts.

For more information about the HoneyBeeNet project, please visit the website at http://honeybeenet.gsfc.nasa.gov/

Page last modified December 15, 2014