GVSU Bee Keeping Student Organization

Grand Valley Beekeeping Club

Grand Valley has a Beekeeping club for students!  The organization have included these learning objectives in their constitution:

  • Students will become familiar with beekeeping skills including hive box construction, maintenance and the harvesting of honey.
  • Students will develop education resources and activities for local youth and communities.
  • Students will gain experience in sustainable agriculture and local economy.

For more information on the Grand Valley Bee Keeping Club, follow them on facebook or contact them.


Grand Valley Beekeeping Club Constitution Excerpt:


We, the Grand Valley Beekeepers are a collection of environmentally conscious students who understand the importance of the honeybee as an essential pollinator in our society.  Students will work together not only to advocate for honeybees but also to create apiaries throughout the West Michigan community.  Students will be given the opportunity to manage beehives and to design educational programs for a broad range of audiences.

Article Two: Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide the West Michigan community with managed beehives that will offer enrichment to the local ecosystem and a boost to the local honeybee population.


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