Apiary Timeline

Fall 2011

  • Professor Anne Marie Fauvel (Liberal Studies) and  student Jennifer Holt (Liberal Studies)  write for and are awarded the Sustainability Reinvestment Grant from the GVSU Sustainable Community Development Initiative which provides the necessary startup funding.
  • Professors John Farris and Chris Pung (Engineering) and Professor Jonathan Engelsma (Computer Science) and Professor Anne Marie Fauvel (Liberal Studies)  write and are awarded an Interdisciplinary Research Initiative Grant  from the GVSU Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence

Winter 2012

  • Hive Construction begins with the help of the GVSU Bee Keepers Student Organization.
  • The ‘BeeCloud Project’ is launched. Students from Engineering and Computer Science worked on building a beehive scale (hardware) complete with an SMS transmission capability and uploading of data to the cloud and developed a website to display that data (software).

Spring/Summer 2012

  • Bees are installed in the hives
  • Data collection begins

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