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Homepage Walkthrough

Mobile views on the GVSU homepage grew 500 percent from 2010 to 2012. While the previous version of the GVSU site was viewable on mobile devices, it needed to be much more usable. After months of development, extensive usability testing, and gathering feedback from the campus community we rolled out a new homepage on July 16, 2012.

Once you've had a chance to review the new site please share your feedback.

Mobile Ready

We made mobile usability a priority. The new site is a responsive design, which means the page content will scale and shift based on your device. This ensures the site remains usable without the need to zoom in and out. Go ahead, give it a try. Resize your browser window on the desktop or pull up the site on a phone or tablet.

Better Search

You search a lot, we get it. We made it easier for you to find webpages and people. As you type within the search box, the autocomplete feature offers search suggestions similar to the one you're typing. Since this all-in-one search will find both pages and people, it has replaced the People Finder feature on the previous homepage.

BlackBoard, Banner, and Email

Nothing on the GVSU site gets visited more than these three areas. Now they’re just one click away by using the icons located on the far right of the main menu (under the search bar).

New Menu

The top menu has been updated with audience specific navigation. We know many of you will miss the Quick Links feature, and we will have a proper ceremony for its departure, but the audience menus will get you to where you want faster. A great example of this is under the Future Students menu. Clicking "Financial Aid" under "Future Students" will bring a prospective student directly to the Financial Aid webpage designed for first time students, rather than the Financial Aid homepage.

Main Photo

The main homepage photo will now showcase campus beauty, success stories, and student spotlights. The photo will change every few days. We received so many compliments on these photos that we wanted you to be able to share them. With this in mind, we added a Facebook "like" button. Clicking the button will share the photo and caption to your Facebook timeline with any comments you would like to add.

Additionally, we've stored all homepage photos and captions into a searchable archive.

Events, News, and Photos

Events and news have been revamped a bit. We discovered some usability issues with the current set up, so we've simplified it. The next three upcoming events will be displayed, along with the three most recent news items. The photos still pull from the "I Am GV" Flickr pool. We're just displaying nine photos now instead of one.