Carrie  Uthe Grand Valley Admissions

Sherri Slater

Class Year:

Muskegon, Michigan, United States

Liberal Studies

What campus do you attend? What drew you to the liberal studies major there?
Muskegon. It has always been in the back of my mind to go back to school. They did quite an aggressive campaign for nontraditional students for the new leadership program. It was because of the advertising that led me to believe that this could be accessible to me. Also, it helps that it is here in Muskegon and they made it very user friendly and accessible to nontraditional students.

What do you like most about the program?
Well, first of all I love my cohort. We have a wonderful group of students. We are all adults, but at different stages. It is a really interesting group that brings a lot of experience and informed opinions. Everybody is dedicated, so it's really fun. Everybody really wants to be there. We really encourage each other because everybody has a lot on their plate.

What is your emphasis area and how are you choosing the courses to complete it?
I'm considered a junior right now. I'm only taking 9 credits per semester because I'm working too. I haven't declared my focus yet because it keeps evolving. I'm taking a public administration class right now that I find very interesting. I take a lot of general leadership classes. Also, I do like to write and have written a play and a lecture. It is great to go back to school and focus on both classic and current events.

How will your liberal studies degree and emphasis area prepare you for your future career?
There is such a broad base of fundamentals in liberal studies that all that I'm learning is going to be incredibly useful whether or not I apply it to my own business one day, for nonprofit, or even in the public sector. Also, you are writing all the time so it definitely improves your critical analytical skills and your ability to express yourself. My presentation skills are strengthening and I hope to strengthen them more. I have become much more succinct in my writing.

Would you recommend a liberal studies major to prospective GVSU students? Why?
Absolutely. I think anyone in my cohort would say the same thing. It's incredible for getting an education on the political, social, and humanist spectrum of things. It broadens your horizons. Now a days everyone talks about how a bachelor's degree is like a high school degree. If you have a liberal studies degree you know that you will have a much broader base for where you want to take it to specialize for your masters. Also, the whole idea of how you get your college going and on track as an adult returning to school can be very confusing. They eliminated all of that for me and helped me with my FAFSA and with my classes. It is great to know that you have the help to make it possible. They made it so simple to start again.

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