Nathan Spencer Grand Valley Admissions

Joseph Verschaeve


Educational Background:
Flight Certificate, Aeronautics ASEL, Northwestern Michigan College; B.S. in Sociology and Psychology, Central Michigan University; M.A. in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology, Center for Humanistic Studies; Doctoral Studies, Clinical Psychology, Fielding Institute

What do you like most about teaching at Grand Valley?
The learning community. The faculty and the students together are a great mix of learners.

What is your favorite class to teach?
I think that my favorite class to teach is Research Methods. It teaches students how to become organized skeptics, to become a part of a community of scientific thinkers that participate in organized skepticism.

What do students like best about your class?
They tell me that they like the stories that I tell. The assignments that I have them craft are designed to be relevant to their majors. Students are glad to participate in projects that they can take away into their professional life.

How do you contribute to the success of your students?
I keep track of them. If they do well in class, I offer them my help for the duration of their professional career. Once they enter that world, I am always here as a resource for them.

What advice would you give to prospective students?
Prepare to learn. We have a lot of great students that go on to do great things. In the 10 years that I have been at the university I have seen myself and colleagues usher many of them into Ph.D. programs. Grand Valley is universally recognized as a good school. The faculty and the students together are a great mix of learners.

What is the most rewarding aspect about teaching at Grand Valley?
I would say collegiality, especially across disciplines.

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